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About Wellness by Choice

Wellness by Choice has a mission to help educate, protect, connect and empower more individuals to achieve their wellness, by choice. To learn how and practice living smarter, healthier and happier, while giving back.

Wellness by Choice unites with partners in: wellness, fitness and sports; organic natural and healthy foods; energy efficient, green, eco-friendly and sustainable deliverables; western, integrative, complimentary and holistic health, wellness and medicine.



Wellness by Choice brings together wellness minded individuals and its partners by way of its in-person expo and live-streamed education based TV show which is nationally web syndication across almost 20,178 cities, college campuses, and military bases.


Wellness by Choice is an education based marketing project which brings together authentic businesses to consumers committed to living and working smarter, healthier, more beautifully and happier while giving back.

Angelina: "Educate, Protect and Connect Consumers with Authentic, High Quality Solution Providers while Giving Back."

Wellness by Choice helps businesses grow their visibility, credibility, revenue and impact through its live streamed show, in person expo, print magazine and online web syndication network which spans almost 20k cities across the U.S.

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